2014 Knowledge Bowl

Knowledge Bowl was always what I most looked forward to in High School. 


Unsurprisingly, it is also one of the memories that bring the most genuine smiles, and definitely one of the parts of that old routine that I miss the most. Our team had talked about returning to school for an Alumni x OLM match for some time, and finally did it this past week! 


Carla, Victor, and I (Ana Luiza couldn’t make it, unfortunately - class of 2014) decided to attend one of the team’s lunch practices, and it felt as if we had gone back in time. The nervousness and anticipation came rushing back and, as usual, it took us a little while to get warmed up. We eventually did get the hang of it again, though! 


Everything was similar, and yet so different: we were now on the other side, as alumni, but a part of Knowledge Bowl again all the same. The classroom, the buzzers, and even the oftentimes-impossible questions brought back a flood of memories that I hope will always remain with me.


Moving on and leaving what we love behind is hard, but it’s a relief to return and see that all is as it should be. KB was left in good hands, I think. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to play against. Thanks for indulging us, guys; I hope you enjoyed yourselves, too! And thanks to you, Ms. Freire, for the opportunity! (We hope to do it again soon!)

Luiza Osorio

Class of 2014