Archeria Carioca

On the last two days of November, the 7th grade has made its first outings on the experiential learning program that Mr. Fonseca started this school year. Chaperoned by Mr. Fonseca and Mr. Macedo, and coached by the highly qualified professionals from Archeria Carioca, the students had a good time learning to shoot the bow, and finishing with a small competition, from which the first, second and third places received medals. The atmosphere was overall relaxed, but at the same time the students were very attentive to the safety protocol, as is necessary in such a serious activity. Very few warnings had to be given, and none was caused by a dangerous situation.


The main points the students noticed when comparing a “good shot” with a “bad shot”, were:

Good shot

  • Focus

  • Concentration

  • Relaxation

  • Form (posture and aim)

Bad shot

  • Shooting too early

  • Shooting too late (trembling)

  • Body not straight

  • String not touching the chin (bad for the aim)

  • uneven distribution of weight on the feet


These points will be very useful on the next outing, where beside doing their work well, they will have to coordinate it with the work of the rest of their team.

Gabriel Fonseca