Art   Festival

During this school Year OLM has been working under the Coexist theme. Our Art classes were done following a wide range of guide lines towards it reusing materials, understanding our role and impact in nature. Speaking of respect, tolerance and embracing diversity were also presented during the process.  


In this second Art Festival we displayed some of these works developed throughout the year, valuing a variety of artists and art forms. In elementary Art such as Graffiti, contemporary art, women artists were some of the theme that were brought up.

In Middle and High we also celebrated the 100 years of Bauhaus. This School of Design merged the division line between Art and Life. Those projects also aimed a sustainable future for architecture and design.

This year our artists guest were students from the High School Elective. They approached different art techniques.

During the day a series of Workshops were done, receiving the school community focusing on family activities: Organic Painting, Waterphone, Tap Dancing, Drama Improvisation, Arts and Crafts, Finger Food, Body Expression and the Experimental Drum Set. These moments were unforgettable for families to enjoy a daily school life experience.


Our Art Festival´s closing act was an hour of live music performances by the students.  It was an amazing day for everyone! Thank you so much for joining us!!!

Ms. Merchak & Ms. Silvestre

Art Teachers