Bullying is Preventable

Four years ago, my hometown changed. The instantaneous effects were horrible. The lives of three children were lost, the high schoolers who were in the building were all forced to grow up too quickly, we were all faced with the realization of "Oh my gosh, this really did happen to us, in OUR hometown." And then we learned to deal with it. The long term effects have been more positive. My community came together to support the families and to support each other; we've taken on the fight against bullying and against school shootings. 


In my experience, bullying is something that is talked about in a very flippant and casual way. It's easy to ignore the situation and pretend it isn't happening. It's easy to say that getting teased is a part of growing up. The unfortunate reality is that most people don't know how to deal with bullying because it is uncomfortable. But it's an issue that needs to be dealt with and one that will need to be continually revisited. Continual bullying is detrimental to everyone involved, not just the one being bullied. If no one takes a stand and if no one faces the uncomfortable issues, it's a cycle that just keeps repeating.


Together we can accomplish a lot more than we could separately. Together we can take a stand against bullying. 

Ms. Caitlin Casavecchia

"My opinion of what happened in Chardon is that bullying is very serious and that no one should bully others anymore. After hearing about what happened, I will call a teacher whenever I see bullying  happening. I've never seen someone being bullied at OLM and I hope it never has!"

Antonio Pedro Borgeth- 4A

"On Friday, we wore red to symbolize no bullying and also to give support for Chardon. It opened our eyes to how dangerous bullying can be. Bullying affects so much in our lives; from little to big. After the day we wore red, no one has been bullying at OLM, that I have seen. Before that, we did have bullying in OLM. What happened in Chardon really opened our eyes!"

Ana Beatriz Ferreira- 4A



"Bullying can sometimes be so dangerous. It's bad and what happened in Chardon is serious. Hearing about it made me realize how dangerous bullying can really be. I think that bullying happens here at OLM to some people, but not to others. If I saw bullying, I would react like a peron trying to protect someone else and help the person who is suffering from bullying."

Marcella Pavetits- 4A

"My opinion of what happened in Chardon scared me, but now I'm determined to be more like Coach Hall. The bullying that happened was wrong and the assault was also wrong. I hope this never happens again. Sometimes we see bullying at OLM, but I think everyone is trying their best not to bully. Some students bully the others and sometimes people bully the bullies. Others think it's better to not get involved, others try to protect the person being bullied by calling an adult."

Lucas Rego- 4A