"A capacidade de reinventar sua vida e sua ´carreira´ será sua maior e mais valiosa competência."

Zina Pinheiro

Gastronomy:  Manuela Biar


Naval Engineering: Jacqueline Campos


Fashion Design: Ana Beatriz Palhares


Psychology:   Barbara Barata


Business: Administration Focus on Entertainment


Hospitality: Bianca Curvello


Law: Juliano Carvalho and Maria Julia Argollo


Medicine: Valeria Morais


Journalism: Marina Araújo


Environmental Engineering: Luiz Roberto Sertã


Translation:  Luisa Lamas


Entrepreneurship /Business: Flavio Costa


Telecommunications Engineering & Renewable Energy: Luis Fonseca


Marketing: Fabro Steibel


Architecture: Marcos Feinstein

Everyone knows that choosing a career to follow when you are still a teenager is a really hard task. With this in mind, OLM has decided years ago to create a Career Day. In this day, all high school students have their periods before lunch mobilized for the realization of this event.

This past Wednesday (May 9), OLM gratefully welcomed sixteen professionals from fifteen different areas of study, one of which is alumni from OLM. These professionals performed lectures, with the objective that the students would better understand different professions.

These lectures were divided into three shifts, so that each student could have the possibility of watching three lectures. The first period offered lectures of Gastronomy, Naval Engineering, Fashion Design, Psychology and Business Administration Focus on Entertainment, done by the professionals Manuela Biar, Jacqueline Campos, Ana Beatriz Palhares, Barbara Barata and Marcia Prudencio respectively.

In the second shift, lectures of Hospitality, Law, Medicine, Journalism and Environmental Engineering were offered by Bianca Curvello, Juliano Carvalho and Maria Julia Argollo, Valeria Morais, Marina Araújo (alumni), and Luiz Roberto Sertã respectively.

The last period offered lectures of Translation, Entrepreneurship/Business, Telecommunications Engineering & Renewable Energy, Marketing, and Architecture, performed by Luisa Lamas, Flavio Costa, Luis Fonseca, Fabro Steibel, and Marcos Feinstein respectively.

As it can be seen there is a wide variety of career options offered by OLM so that students can see a bigger picture of possible careers to follow after leaving high school.

Sofia Grael ('18)