OLM´s Anthem


Lyrics: Manuela Almeida & Nathalie Haddad (´11)

Music: Marcelo Camera


Our Family, our mother, our strength and our home

Our valley of light and our sacred dome

Awake in our mind, beside us through time

Our pride and our glory we're drawing our story

You gave us the pen and the paper you've laid

The dreams that you've saved and the futures you've paved

Forever am I your knight, everlasting your wisdom bright

We´re singing with all our might

As a Lancer I'll fight, as a student I'll shine

As a human I'll bow to your colors divine

As a Lancer I'll fight, as a student I'll shine

As a human I'll bow to your colors divine

Our invisible jersey

Our Lady of Mercy

OLM Anthem - Music: Marcelo Camera Lyrics: Manuela Almeida & Nathalie Haddad (´11)

In Brazil, there is one specific law that deals with all Brazilian National Symbols (National Symbols Bill, #5700/71), which also regulates any other non-Brazilian National Symbol in display on national territory. There are laws like that in every country, in order to organize, standardize and create an environment of respect and obedience regarding the nation and values demonstrated in all national symbols. The USA also describes in details the use of the US Flag, the appropriate conduct before the National Anthem, and even the correct use of the National Motto “In God we trust”. It’s all described in the United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Paragraphs from 186 to 188.

Back to our local legislation, the Brazilian National Anthem is considered a National Symbol ( Bill 5700/71, Chapter I, First Article, Item III, also complemented by the Bill 8421/81). These bills also dictate the details of the composition, the tempo and the key that the anthem must be played in. The fact that there are so many details written down in a bill should tell us something!

The idea that the elements of the anthem must all follow one single standard has to do with the fact that all people in Brazil can easily understand the song by its first notes. Further details are explained in the National Symbols Bill. It can be resumed after the two first stanzas (Article 24, Item IV), and it should be sang by civilians standing straight and still (the military salute cannot be used by civilians). Furthermore, singing the anthem while standing with crossed arms or hands in pockets is considered an offense. Also, when it is being played, people of all nationalities would show respect by, at least, standing in position.


In our school, teachers are on duty during the Ceremony. This means that teachers are allowed and encouraged to actively sing and help students to sing as well. At the same time, the teachers can and will call attention of students who are not being respectful to the Nations represented in the Ceremony, which includes our small school community. It is the responsibility of every student and teacher to participate in the Weekly Ceremonies.


The Brazilian National Anthem is mandatorily played at every school in the country at least once a week, according to the Bill 12031/09. And, as described in the National Symbols Bill, the most important Anthem – the Brazilian one, in Brazil – gives way to the other anthems, thus we must sing OLM’s hymn, then the USA Anthem, and then the Brazilian one.


We reinforce the importance of this celebration as our duty as citizens that deserve to be treated as equals under the same code of laws and national symbols. All students and teachers must participate fully in the Civic Ceremony.  The sooner we understand the importance of paying respect to the communities we are part of, the sooner we will be able to make our world a better place. 

Ms. Isabel Auler

MS Principal