Look who came back to OLM!

Simetry Spire Tetons 4.jpg
1991 - Mr. Fonseca climbing Symmetry Spire, located at Grand Tetons National Park, Rocky Mountains, Wyoming, USA

Mr. Fonseca is a Biologist who taught Biology in OLM from 1988 until 1992. After around twenty-five years, he came back to Our Lady of Mercy School to begin a new project! He is experienced in activities such as professional rock climbing and martial arts.


After teaching at OLM he spent twenty five years in “outdoor education”, exploring nature, 18 of which overseas.  Mr. Fonseca tells us that these eighteen years he spent abroad were between Germany (working in many different countries), and Australia, where he worked with team building and youth at risk. He says:  "My life was always directed to adventure!"

When he was asked why he decided to teach again, he said: “I missed working with Education and having the opportunity of teaching and taking kids on adventures”! In addition, he says that he never lost contact with our school; therefore, he was able to come back and intends to "help kids learn more about themselves and with the unexpected".


In conclusion, a message was left by the new OLM teacher to his future students: "People should learn that taking risks is not a bad thing, as long as it is done in a thoughtful and controlled way. Be prepared to start having adventures!" 

We welcome back and wish good luck to Mr. Fonseca and to his students!

by Natália Guedes (´21)