Tuesday, April 18th, I had the chance to exhibit the first documentary short film I’ve produced. Supervisors granted me the opportunity of bringing the film to sophomores, juniors and seniors. After the exhibition João, Bruna and I discussed about the process of making this movie and our personal experiences. It was very interesting for us to share this with the students and the teachers. It was a great opportunity to present a type of film that is not very common in the market, especially to a young audience. Our objective is to show Cristina to many people as possible. The next step is to be a part of film festivals.

My name is Carolina la Cerda. I graduated from OLM at 2013. As soon as I ended High School, I started to study Cinema at PUC-Rio. Today, I am in my last year of college.


Carolina la Cerda


*Carolina la Cerda – producer

*Bruna Mota – director

*João Pedro Salles – cinematographer and editor