This Play was only possible because of the enormous amount of love that our staff and students dedicated to it since the beginning. Dedication to the whole process of making it happen is only one of the remarkable assets of our cast. Thank you all for the commitment shown in each and every step and thank you for letting the group connect to this huge feeling of belonging to a big chain of love. Thank you, truly, for letting me be part of you all, in one or another way. I hope this play can reflect our deep desire for coexistence, here and abroad. Let’s keep these lessons for life and, for sure, we’ll be heading to a better world!

We dedicate this play to our UNFORGETTABLE Dr. Lyndaker!


Love, Ms. Studart


Eduarda Studart - Director

Monica Merchak - Costume and Props

Thais Silvestre - Scenery and Props

Herika Sodré - Props

Marcelo Camera - Sound

Simone Fernandes - Backstage Puppets

Roseli Lima - Vocal Preparation

Luana Nobre - Choreography

Dr. Lyndaker - Light and Stage Design

Savio Bhering - Graphic Design

Carolina Piña - Lights

Gabriela Lustosa - Make - up

Douglas - Electrician

Agair – Electrician Assistant

Eder – Electrician Assistant

Nino - Set Constructer

Marcos - Set Constructer

Paulo Rogers - Set Constructer Assistant

Diogo - Set Constructer Assistant

Zezinho – Painter

Seu Zé - Cleaning

D. Maria - Cleaning


Narrator - Natália Guedes

Dr. Dolittle - Zeno Camera

Mathew - Gabriel Abreu

Parrot - Carlos Eduardo Scavarda

Jip Dog - Maria Clara Studart Mendes

Monkey - Betina Silva

Sarah - Mariana Araujo

Ms. Pollypiper Patient - Beatriz Costa

Old Patient - Beatriz Queiroz

Italian Man + Duck - Nicholas Cavalcanti

Circus Owner + Donkey - Tomas Fonseca

Clown + Parrot - Samantha Lemseyan

Acrobat + Pig - Beatriz Cardoso

Ballerina + Zebra - Luisa Seda

Magician + Monkey - Leticia Machado

African - Lara Torres

African + Animal Owner - Maimuna Jawo

African + Unicorn Circus - Nicole Weiss

African + Unicorn Circus + Animal Owner - Juliana Sousa

African + Unicorn Circus + Animal Owner - Maria Clara Araujo African + Unicorn Circus + Animal Owner - Daniela Ventura Monkey + Animal Owner - Ágatha Nunes

Monkey + Animal Owner - Isadora Sertã

Monkey + Animal Owner - Natália Lima

Monkey + Animal Owner - Gabriela Martins

Monkey + Animal Owner - Manuela Silva

Pirate + Llama - Ravi Nedungadi

Pirate + Llama - Thales Oliveira

Pirate + Hen - Frederico Sauerbronn

Pirate + Hen - Thiago Costa

Pirate + Hen - Eduardo Almeida

Pirate + Police Dog - Dante Navaza

Mayor + Cow - Teo Cores

Village Child + Buffalo - Jorge Pereira

Village Child + Giraffe - Manuela Salomão

Village Lady + Elephant - Vitória Penteado

Village Lady + Sloth + Cat - Rebecca Webber

Village Boy + Lion - Pedro Araujo

Village Boy + White Monkey - Bernardo Esposito

Village Girl - Natalia Diniz

Village Girl + Unicorns Tamer - Eduarda Rezende

Village Man +Tiger - Eric Fonseca

Animal Lady Owner + Lizard - Gabriela Eyer

Animal Lady Owner +Panda - Maria Clara Gomes


Ana Beatriz Ferreira

Luiza Padovano

Marina Lamas

Sofia Berwanger


I. Narrator Song

II. The World of Dr. Dolittle

III. My Friend the Doctor

IV. The Insight

V. Talk to the Animals

VI. Circus Entrance

VII. I Never Seen Anything Like It

VIII. In the Ocean

IX. Adventure Song

X. African Song

XI. Tap Dance Song

XII. Wild Animal Song

XIII. Pirates Song

XIV. Finalle


Eduarda D´Altério - Cat

Eduarda Dutra - Pig

Gabriel Mahfoud - Macaw

Gabriela Velasco - Bird

João Pedro Melo - Duck

Julia Toledo - Cow

Julia Vitória Raphael - Horse

Leonardo Smith - Goat

Manuela Borgerth - Chick

Maria Antonia Gomes - Granddaughter

Maria Fernanda Netto - Rooster

Maria Isabela Prado - Bunny

Maria Valentina Sanches - Sheep

Mariana Guimarães - Picoc

Melany Andrade - Hen

Sofia Lima - Assistant

Valentina Bitetti - Dog



Ana Tereza Scavarda - Lights

Beatriz Linhares - Lights

Carolina Caldas - Swallow

Fernanda Teixeira - Butterfly / Circus Ribon

Isadora Silva - Butterfly

João Pedro Silva - Butterfly / Water

Manuela Pinheiro - Butterfly / Circus Ribon

Maria Eduarda Silva - Butterfly / Water

Maria Guadalupe Bastos - Tigre - Butterfly

Maria Julia Scavarda - Props / Masks Assitant

Rafael Hansen - Props and Boat

Sophia Leira - Props and Boat

Thiago Peralta - Entrance


I. Narrator II. Dr. Dolittle’s World III. House of Dr. Dolittle

IV. Mathew: Dr. Dolittle Best Friend V. Insight VI. Circus VII. Sailing to Africa

VIII. At Africa IX. Monkey Tap Dance X. Wild Animals XI. The Pirates XII. Back Home

Dr. Dolittle Play - photos by Natália Guedes (´21)

Dr. Dolittle - Backstage - photos by Natália Guedes (´21) & Zeno Camera (´19)