From a not so old OLM student

Dear Teachers,


I started school a week ago and I already miss you all.


I continued to study Spanish because I will be going to Chile soon, but the Spanish teacher isn't as cool as Ms. Ghiotti. The lockers at my middle school are much harder to open than the ones at OLM; you have to twist a knob on the exact numbers, while at OLM you just punch in the numbers and turn. Their lunches are also totally different, so it is very confusing. I am in two honors classes, which are Civics and Science. Civics is all about government, so I can have a break from history (no offense Mr. Sanders). Algebra is so much fun and I love learning it, but I still miss cool Cole and Rundle. Science feels like a review from what I learned over at OLM. The teacher bores me and isn't as fun as Ms. Mendes. I will be going to Sunday school every Sunday to prepare for Confirmation.


My councillor helps me to find places in school that I can't find by myself and makes it look so easy! (She reminds me of Mr. Braga when I needed help in school). People are astonished that I can speak Portuguese (Mr. Vieira, Mr. L and Ms. Burke), some Spanish, and Sign Language. I also signed up for orchestra and I am playing the viola, which is almost like a violin. Playing the viola reminds me of Mr. Camera playing the guitar.


If it weren’t for all of you teachers I wouldn't know all that I know now. You guys are some cool set of teachers compared to the ones that I have here.


I’ll try to keep in touch if the homework doesn't pile up too much.


Sincerely from an old OLM student

Alex Medrano