Greenspiration team & Camille Morgenstern
Sustainability integrated in daily life

On Wednesday, May 5th, the Greenspiration team had a conversation with Camille Guimarães Morgenstern - class of 2001.

Camille gave a presentation focused on all aspects of sustainability she has integrated into her daily life. She talked about her experience with the California wildfires, which occur every year but have been becoming increasingly more dangerous because of climate change, which Camille has been able to notice after having lived in California for 15 years.


In 2020, they evolved into a natural disaster and completely shocked Camille’s family and others around her. This event terrified the California population, who had to deal with the danger of having their own homes destroyed by fire. It also provided a greater insight into the very real and serious consequences of climate change. 

Camille also told the group about the sustainable initiatives she has been taking inside her own home, such as employing reusable products in her kitchen, eliminating the use of single-use plastic, and shopping locally.


Camille’s presentation was extremely interesting: she told us about her first-hand experience with climate change consequences and inspired us to be more sustainable in our daily lives.

Manuela Pinheiro, Maria Guadalupe Tigre,

Maria Fernanda Nazar, Fernanda Teixeira,

Maria Clara Albuquerque, Gabriela Cohen, 

Maimuna Jawo, Camila Sant´Anna, Giovanna Orlando & Catarina Costa     

Ms. Freire

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2020 GIN Conference

March 20-22

 Medellin, Colombia

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OLM GIN Projects

If it weren't for the pandemic, seventeen high school students and their teachers Ms. Freire, Ms. Braga and Mr. Resende would be traveling to Colombia in March to participate in the Global Issues Network Conference. GIN is an event where students from South America meet and present their projects tackling global issues that will affect their future. 

HS Teams want to inspire and provide awareness to the importance and strength of small actions impacting our society. Greenspiration is working with three projects: Meatless Mondays, Save the Bees and Food Waste.
Their essential question: Can we inspire our school's community to live greener by raising awareness of the impact of our daily habits?
Ms. Freire
The Plastic Beach
HS Teams want to inspire and provide awareness to the importance and strength of small actions impacting our society. One of the issues addressed is microplastics, that even though they are not easily seen, they are deeply affecting our lives.
Their essential question: What actions can be taken to diminish the presence and negative impacts of microplastics?
Ms. Freire
The Composting Project
OLM STEM students are going to present their composting project 2020 at the GIN Conference in Medellin in March. They are proud to share that they have already saved 10kg of school organic waste from being sent to the landfill and, through composting, transformed that waste into fertilizer and humus.

Their essential question: How can the use of composting reduce Climate Change and increase sustainability in the school environment?

Ms. Braga