Guest Speaker

OLM Families were invited to a very enlightening lecture on Technology and how families can benefit from it.

Ms. Roberta Mellin, the lecturer, brought important data on how technology affects the brains of young children, how the digital world can be useful when there is balance, and how important it is to be part of our children’s digital lives. You may find more information on Technology on Ms. Mellin’s Instagram account, tecnologiaefamilia.

Simone Fernandes – Elementary School Counselor


“All the best performers bring to their role something more, something different than what the author put on paper. That´s what makes theater live. That´s why it persists.”  Stephen Sondheim

Thank you Mateus Solano for coming to OLM and sharing such a precious moment with us. You are more than a brilliant actor but also a sensitive person who is aware and engaged in environmental issues as well as being a lover of reading. Your wise advice and experiences will be saved forever in our children hearts.

Eduarda Studart - Drama Teacher


Julia Carrera is an actress, director, producer and she is also a drama teacher at her drama school called MUTATIS. She has a brilliant mind and heart and loves to share information among young generation. Now a days she is directing a play at Shopping da Gávea called É AUDIÇÃO, in which Natalia Guedes a student from OLM is taking part of the cast. The play is for teenage generation and would be great if you all, OLM students could go and watch it. It was a pleasure to have Julia Carrera here with us.

Eduarda Studart - Drama Teacher