"God’s way of acting may seem so far removed from our own, that he was annihilated for our sake, while it seems difficult for us to even forget ourselves a little. He comes to save us; we are called to choose his way: the way of service, of giving, of forgetfulness of ourselves. Let us walk this path, pausing in these days to gaze upon the Crucifix; it is the “royal seat of God”. I invite you during this week to gaze often upon this “royal seat of God”, to learn about the humble love which saves and gives life, so that we may give up all selfishness, and the seeking of power and fame. By humbling himself, Jesus invites us to walk on his path. Let us turn our faces to him, let us ask for the grace to understand at least something of the mystery of his obliteration for our sake; and then, in silence, let us contemplate the mystery of this Week.” 

Pope Francis

Holy Week – April 2017

09 - Palm Sunday and Passion of the Lord
9:30h Blessing of the Palms, Procession and Holy Mass
18h Bênção dos Ramos e Santa Missa (Portuguese)

12 – Cerimônia Penitencial
19h Confissão e Santo Terço

Beginning of the Paschal Triduum

13 – Quinta-feira
19h Missa vespertina da Ceia do Senhor e Lava pés (Portuguese)


14 - Good Friday

15h Celebration of the Lord’s Passion

15 – Sábado Santo
18h Vigília Pascal (Portuguese)

16 - Easter Sunday
9:30h Holy Mass of the Day
18h Santa Missa da Páscoa da Ressurreição (Portuguese)