Let's talk about mosquitos!
Dengue? Zika? Chikungunya? Can you tell them apart?

Currently, Brazil has been suffering with the overlapping outbreaks of these fevers, yet symptoms,  treatment and consequences are not fully understood. In order to inform our school community with the latest updates of these infectious diseases, eigth grade students set out in preparation of a pamphlet, compiling not only relevant information about their development, but  ways to prevent and combat the mosquitos.

A total of 18 pamphlets were elaborated and the most appealing was voted by the teachers of the MLC. Hard decision!

We are glad to present Ana João's and Beatriz Lima's highly educacional pamphlet... They used reliable sources in their research and managed to select and summarize, among the vast range of controversial information, the main contrasting aspects of the diseases. Click here to print a copy! Be our guest to spread the word againdt the fight against these fevers.

- Dr. Carla Mendes