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Carolina Lopes (´16) - our OLMobility girl! Proud of you!
"So this was this past weekend… Even though I have done the MS150 last year, my experience this time was completely different. Starting with raising those $400...This year wasn’t just posting on Facebook and sending some e-mails, I actually had to work for it. I baked and sold brownies as well as designed and sold vinyl stickers. Also, this year, I didn’t really had a team to train with, I had to force myself to go to the practices that I had planned and figure out how they would fit into my schedule. 
This time, the MS 150 demanded me way more than strength. It required organization, focus, determination, and passion. Because of that, I wanted to thank everyone who gave me support. My friends and family, for encouraging me to keep going; for the UT community, specially class of 2020, and my parents’ friends, for helping me raise those $400; my parents and boyfriend, for being so understanding and helping me with whatever I needed help with; and Connie Collyer, for introducing this amazing sport to me and for inspiring and assisting me to pursue it."

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