Torch at OLM

The magic of the Olympics is larger than any country, city, or athlete.  The symbols, rituals, and ceremonies go beyond creativity and technology.  They remind us of beauty, reverence, and excellence.

Mr. Hélio Cabral, an OLM parent and member of the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee, brought to OLM one of the most important symbols of the Olympic Games, the Olympic Torch.  He shared this special symbol with students in grades 1st -12th at OLM’s Olympic Festival.  In a lecture he shared information about the Olympic Games and the rituals involved with the “bearing of the Olympic Torch”.

The torch represents goodwill and the passing of traditions from generation to generation.  The flame represents the purity and courage of heart and spirit.  Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympic Games categorized the torch ceremony into four parts: 1- artistic creativity; 2- educational message; 3- historical meaning; 4-religious essence.

The Olympics reminds us of the commitment to do “our best” – the strive for excellence.  Mr. Cabral invited athletes from the sports of rugby, boxing, archery, and taekwondo to share their sports and invite the students to share in their sports in a unique way.  Joy and curiosity radiated from the faces of OLM students as they participated in the activities. The joy is the “Olympic Spirit”.  While winning is important, a majority of the athletes in the games will not win; however, each athlete will make a commitment to do “their best” – to strive for excellence.  It is this idea of excellence that Mr. Cabral and the athletes brought to OLM students.

For this OLM staff, students, and parents are grateful and thankful.  Thank you!

A special Olympic thank you goes to Seu Zé, Silvano, Cláudia, the kitchen staff audiovisual personnel, Physical Education teachers, supervisors – especially Ms. Scavarda for contacting Mr. Hélio Cabral, and to Dr. Lyndaker for making it possible to have such a unique experience to celebrate Rio 2016!


Ms. Angel Biggers

OLM Phys. Ed. Teacher

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All elementary students shared their opinions about Olympic Values. Here is the result! 

Thank you, Ms. Duniec - Religion Teacher

On July 29th we had another Olympic momentum here at OLM! Elementary students had a great chance to meet Olympic athlete Marcelo Jucá! He was a swimmer at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa for many years and participated in two Olympic Games: Moscow and Los Angeles! Students were eager to learn more about the Olympic spirit and how one can live up to the dream of participating in such an important competition!     Thank you Marcelo for coming and sharing with us all those wonderful experiences!!!

Durante o mês de julho, após estudarem sobre as Olimpíadas - finalizamos com um momento olímpico - todos os alunos foram condecorados com uma medalha "que vale OURO"!

Ms. Telles
Português 1ª, 2ª e 3ª series