Reading Buddies Project

During the months of October and November, 2nd and 9th Graders met twice a week in the library for the Reading Buddies Project, an afterschool program designed to help 2nd Graders improve their reading skills. 9th Graders, the Big Buddies, acted as facilitators in small groups of 2nd Grade students, the Mini-Buddies.


The approach used for this program was Reciprocal Teaching, a scaffolded discussion technique that helps students use four reading strategies (predicting, summarizing, clarifying and questioning) to improve their reading comprehension. Gradually, the 9th Graders transferred the responsibility of the learning process to the 2nd Graders who became more and more confident in using all four reading strategies.


The program had its high point on Wednesday, November 27th, when Big and Mini Buddies received certificates from our School Head, Mr. Craig Woollard, during the Closing Ceremony. It was a great pleasure to see both 2nd and 9th Graders develop not only their reading skills but also a special friendship, the kind of family bond for which OLM is known.

Warm regards,

Ana Scavarda - Language Coordinator