Em 2011 Carolina La Cerda (´13) nos contava sobre as emoções do RIR

Agora, em 2017, Teo Cores &

Juliana Dantas (´19) nos contam suas emoções!

Título Grande

RIR 2017 - photos by Antonio Pacheco (´21) & Raphaela Pacheco (´16)

My first Rock in Rio experience was truly unbelievable. I went with my family: my dad, my mom, and my sister. Unfortunately, my brother couldn't make it, because he is living across the Atlantic Ocean. It would have been way cooler if my brother was actually there since he is my best friend, but still I had one of the greatest times of my life! I went on the second day of Rock In Rio 2017, September 16th.  The four main shows were on the "Palco Mundo" stage, where Skank, Shawn Mendes, Fergie, and Maroon 5 performed. Other "minor" entertainers were performing their shows in different stages; however, I focused only in the four main singers.         

I got to "Cidade do Rock" by a Class A bus, which dropped us off at a different entrance, where there was practically no queue. We entered extremely quick. My first reaction when I got there was pure excitement. My sister and I, we were jumping and running everywhere. My sister convinced me to schedule a ticket to go to the rides.  My sister wanted to go on the "Mega Drop" ride so badly, which looks like a gigantic elevator in which you go up very slowly and when you get to the top you fall in matter of few seconds. I am afraid of heights; however, this was a special day, so we went there to schedule. Unfortunately, the only time left to schedule was when Maroon 5 would perform, so we gave up on the "Mega Drop". So, then we went to the roller-coaster. I never liked roller-coasters, but we scheduled and went to it just because my sister wanted to go very much. It was a horrible experience for me. I'm never going on a roller-coaster ever again.

Skank started playing at 7 PM. I loved it! I was a Skank fan way before Rock In Rio, so I was really excited for their performance. I was able to meet Juliana, my classmate, right at the end of Skank performance. After Skank, Shawn Mendes and Fergie would perform. As neither me nor my family were so excited to watch their performances, we decided to go to the roller-coaster, and then explore the new things they had around. For me everything was new, but my family had already been to previous Rock In Rios.

In my personal opinion, I thought there were too many people there, but personally it wasn't such a problem for me. I had lots of fun and hope to go again in 2019!

Teo Cores (´19)

Rock in Rio was an amazing experience! Even though I have already been to a past edition (2017), I had just as much fun this time around. I met up with Teo during the Skank concert and then again for the Maroon 5 show. Due to the event being held at the Olympic Park, there were much more options in food and the space was, in general, bigger and it was not as crowded. I went on the 16th, the first weekend of the festival. The attractions in the “Palco Mundo” were Skank, Shawn Mendes, Fergie, and the closing, and main act, was Maroon 5. The shows were all amazing and the atmosphere was that of enjoyment and happiness.

Even though there were many, I would like to highlight one of the best moments of this year’s edition: Pablo Vittar joining Fergie on stage to sing “Sua Cara” (her entire show was absolutely incredible).


I really hope I am able to attend Rock in Rio in 2019 and that the
performers are just as amazing as the ones I watched on September 16th!

Juliana Dantas (´19)