"I actually specialized as a platoon commander and primary team medic..."

Sondre Emil Nielsen

Mr. Camera.


Hello, my name is Sondre Nielsen and I am a former student of yours. I was in your class a few years back with such memorable students like Gonzalo Souto and Giorgio Villani.

The reason I am writing to you is because you did leave a bit of an impression on me when me and Giorgio were discussing me joining the armed forces in Norway.


Which I did, I drafted myself at the age of 16 and quit right before I turned 21, and after 5 years had passed I realized I was more than capable of protecting those near and dear to me. I remember you sounded almost disappointed when you overheard what me and Giorgio were talking about, and I thought I would put your mind at ease, I actually specialized as a platoon commander and primary team medic, so If you do happen to come by Norway, you will most likely see me jumping out of an ambulance.

I also wanted to let you know, that some of my most valuable experiences from living in Brazil came directly from your class, I remember a vast spectrum of emotions from day to day based on how rude the class could be at some moments, and I distinctly remember feeling bad about watching someone with nothing other than passion for education being distracted by the childish students ungrateful for how much they have been given.

Though possibly a few years overdue, know that in this former students mind you are by good measure one of the most respectable educators I have had the pleasure of interacting with.

With the most sincere regards
Sondre Emil Nielsen

Fernanda da Silva & Sondre Nielsen (´11)