Stay warm...


Hey OLM! How are you doing?


Listen, I could go on and on about my personal experience here in Columbia College Chicago this first semester, however the truth is, It won’t make a difference, there is no absolute truth on experiences, we all come from different backgrounds, therefore, we all react in different ways to our surroundings and the new things that get to our lives. 

The other day another Brazilian friend and I were eating, and I looked at him and said “Caraca aí, a comida tá boazona hoje né?” and he answered “Nem mano, vou pro Chipotle depois daqui”, so you see what I mean, it doesn’t matter what my experience here is, which I must admit, it’s being pretty good, but we all will react different ways. But what I can say is “just go for it!”.

I remember being in Ms. Machado’s office, thinking about taking a gap year before going to college, and even though I definitely don’t dismiss the idea of a gap year since that may be beneficial for many students. I believe she gave me one of the best advice ever which was exactly this “go for it!”. Because even if you don’t like it, you will find out about it, and come back. 

And this is an advice that is following me throughout this first semester, not only am I having a more full college experience, but I’m also allowing myself to meet new people I would never meet, if I didn’t just go for it. So this is what I leave to you today OLM, I really don’t like to use cliché things such as “follow your dreams”, but really, do it. No one is holding you back, if you allow yourself to have new experiences, more doors will open. It is that simple. 

And as long as Chicago is going, the City is amazing, the food is amazing, definitely be careful with the freshman fifteen, exercise. Columbia College is not a traditional campus since it is in the middle of the city, which I love, because there’s always things going on around me, and I have the opportunity to meet people and make connections outside of College. Winter is coming soon, which I’m both afraid and excited, but again, they are experiences, good or bad, you always learn something from them.

Stay warm OLM and always keep an open mind.


Zeno Camera

Class o f´19