Get ready to dress up...

Spirit Week is coming during the week of September 16th to 20th, and this time, STUCO is working to make it the best year yet! Your student council is hard at work to make it a super fun week for you to have fun and enjoy yourself. OLM students can expect creative (and challenging) costume ideas and exciting games for the last day. Get ready to dress up in all sorts of crazy attire, complete gymkhana activities and create an awesome choreography for the dance competition.

Who knows if your class could be the one to win this year’s Spirit Week?

Antonio, Manuela, Maria Eduarda & Maria Clara

Speeches for STUCO 2019-2020 elections

Clara - President:

Good morning. For most of you that might not know me, my name is Maria Clara Perez, and I am currently your, now, automatically President in the 2019-2020 STUCO Year. However, you might be wondering, what does it take for someone to truly want to become part of STUCO. I, myself, while preparing this speech reflected and asked myself: Why do I want to be the president? Or why do the students would want me as their President, even though there is no other group against us? In order to understand, I went back some years ago.

I entered OLM in Pre-Nursery, completing nowadays, 14 years of my presence in the OLM Community. In 14 years, not only have I seen this school develop through time, but I also comprehended on how OLM molded and contributed to my improvement over these 14 years. Transforming myself from a young, ingenue, immature girl, into a confident, mature (in some cases) girl, or woman I would say. By looking on that, I understood that as the school had the power to create changes, I also have the power to do so. We have the power. In this period of time, with such devastating and irrational events occurring, the youth is the one that is expected to do all of the solutions. Even with the constant pressure, youth empowerment is one of the most essential and fundamental aspects that make us believe deeply in our self. And STUCO provides this opportunity.

Manu - Secretary:


Good afternoon everyone. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Manuela Pinheiro and I am currently a 10th grader. Due to the lack of other competitors, I am now your STUCO secretary for our upcoming academic year. However, I do not want you all to think that just because we are your only choice, we will do the bare minimum. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. As we know that it can be hard to only have one choice for your future Student Council, we will do our absolute best to make sure that we do not disappoint you. This is why we intend to give our maximum efforts for every single one of our ideas. We want you to think of us not as your only choice, but as your top choice.

Throughout the academic year, our plans include always being honest with you while also striving to make all our promises come true. Together with the rest of my team, I will constantly fight for all High School Student’s rights and listen to what you want. I will pay attention to all your concerns and by working together with you, I promise to be a great secretary in OLM’s High School Student Council.

Our group promises to do our best for you and to create a better future for all High School Students. Thank you for your time and please trust Chapa Cria for next year’s STUCO.

Antonio - Treasurer:

Good afternoon current, future high school students and teachers. My name is Antonio Barreto and I’m running for treasure, for this upcoming STUCO executive board. I entered OLM back in 2005 in Pre-Nursery. During all these years, I have seen many drastic changes in our school. Our group is determined to bring fresh ideas and perspectives. As OLM being my second home, I will try to make the necessary changes that fit for every student in High School. I also hope that this next year we can fulfill all of your needs, so I ask for your support and trust not only for me but for my colleagues. "VAMO CRIA"

Madu - Vice-President:


Good afternoon all students and teachers! I am Maria Eduarda Silva and I am currently running for vice-president. Unfortunately, this year we do not have any other group ticket or candidate besides Chapa Cria. And thus, there are no doubts that the four of us will be holding the executive positions of the student council this following school year. This event did not make us believe that being part of STUCO would be easier. Actually, we are going to work twice as much, in order to prove to you that we will do the best we can possibly can. But how will I be your best Vice-President?

I have been part of the OLM family since I was 4 years old and this school has been offering me good moments, however, I believe that these moments can be marvelous. I will make sure to contribute to these changes, leaving my legacy in this school. Not only for all high school students but for all the community. I will make sure to attend all of your demands and to meet all of your expectations for a wonderful year.

Throughout our time in STUCO, we will maintain the projects of former STUCOs as well as implementing innovative projects and ideas, always putting at top priority the students’ requests and necessities.

Chapa Cria’s sole interest is to fulfill your needs seeking what is best for the OLM community as a whole. Thank you!

As for that, by being a Lancer for years, OLM is my second home. This school has taught me so many concepts that marked my life, that I believe that now it is the time to retribute all of the effort and hard work that was invested in me. As your president, I will try my best to become a good leader that will listen to all of your voices, and try my best to attend all of those demands. I will make sure that each individual in this school either being the students or staff, have a good well being, ranging from the food that we eat every day, for the classes we frequent every day, for the bathrooms we go every day, for the school that we go every day. And I ask you to believe and trust in me. I know that is hard for us to trust fully in someone who keeps talking about promises, but everything that I said here, I will invest all of my efforts, sweat, time, and soul on it, since I am a person in which grit and determination are highly present in my life. I cannot promise that I will become an astonishing figure such as Michelle Obama, Katie Bouman, Jane Adams, Anita Garibaldi or Nísia Floresta, but I promise with all of my heart, that I will look up to these women as influence, and try to become a part of whom they were and the impact that they left to this world. Thank you very much.