Summer Session at Cushing Academy

During my summer this year, I chose to do a summer session at Cushing Academy, located one hour away from Boston. During my three week stay at the school, students could choose to do different kinds of courses during the morning which included business classes to English literature. During the afternoon, students could do two electives that included drawing, theater, soccer, and many more. During my morning period, I took the Connect program (algebra, writing, and study skills course) and during my afternoon I did soccer and volleyball. Leaving the studies aside, I had so much fun! I met people from all over the world that I keep in touch until today! The weekends are filled with trips to Six Flags, bowling, movies, SkyZone, Boston, or even ice skate at the campus rink. Also, we have special celebrations on campus, for example, the International Evening. It is a day that students from the same country gather to prepare food from your nationality also, groups can present a dance or song at the auditorium. Cushing Academy Summer Session was an experience that I will never forget and I will take with me what I learned there for my entire life.

Catarina Costa

9th Grade