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Adaptsurf is an NGO project that was founded in 2007. It started with the objective of providing social inclusion to people with disability through sports. Luana started this project and soon joined Luiz Phelipe and Herique, who due to a shot in his leg developed a leg disability. This organization promotes many projects that include adapting the beaches to everyone and cleaning the beaches. This project helps people with disability learn how to surf. As a result of this work, many people started to respect participants from this project. There are professional volunteers that help these surfers learn how to surf, and there are also other volunteers that help with games and by keeping company. This project happens every Saturday in Posto 2 and every Sunday in Posto 11, otherwise they will send a message through their Facebook page. Through this project and many others which help disabled surfers, in 2015 these surfing competitions became official. these competitions are divided in many categories such as the one where the person surfs standing up, sitting down, on their knees, or lying down.  Each athlete adapts according to their disability. 

- Ana Teresa Scavarda (´21)

Vítima de esclerose lateral amiotrófica (ELA) e realizando, com a ajuda dos amigos, cada um de seus últimos desejos, a sofrida Amanda (Pally Siqueira) riscou mais um item dessa lista no capítulo de hoje (quinta-feira, 21) de Malhação: Vidas Brasileiras. A namorada de Kavaco (Gabriel Contente) aprendeu a surfar!

Para caprichar nas cenas da estudante sobre as ondas, a equipe de Malhação contou com o suporte da ONG AdaptSurf, que promove a prática dessa modalidade entre pessoas com as mais diversas deficiências ou incapacidades.

“A gente trabalha com pessoas com deficiências físicas, auditivas, sensorial, intelectual, e percebe que todo mundo tem uma chance de viver bem, aproveitar o mar e a praia”, revelou o fisioterapeuta Luiz Phelipe Nobre, um dos líderes do projeto, ao site oficial da trama teen da Globo.

O profissional acompanhou Pally diretamente durante as filmagens dessa sequência. “Esse banho de mar e todo o processo da doença geram um impacto muito grande, mas também positivo. Todo mundo vem acompanhando o drama da personagem, mas pôde percebe também que a doença não limitou a qualidade de vida dela nem de suas amizades”, destacou.

“Poder participar da Malhação, que tem uma visibilidade grande, foi uma experiência única que traz grandes benefícios para a sociedade, tanto para quem tem ELA quanto para quem não tem; para que todos possam ver que é possível viver a vida bem e feliz, mesmo com limitações ou doença”, concluiu Luiz Phelipe.

Accessible Beach Rio 2016


To Celebrate the Paralympic Rio 2016, Nissan, in partnership with the NGO ADAPTSURF developed the "Accessible Beach Rio 2016", in Copacabana Beach. With mats and chairs with special wheels, which facilitates locomotion in the sand and water, the activity ensured special moments for locals and tourists with disabilities (physical, hearing, visual, mental and multiple) and was a huge success.

The model Paola Antonini, who lost his left leg in a traffic accident, participated in the initiative: "It is a wonderful project which promotes inclusion. I had never been at sea for surfing, even before the accident. I had never even thought about it. I dare all, I like to do new things every day and surfing is actually a new experience", says the model, which has 1 million followers on Instagram.

Founded in 2007, a pioneer in Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, ADAPTSURF is a non-profit association that promotes social inclusion of people with disabilities or reduced mobility, ensuring equal opportunities and access to leisure, sport and culture, through direct contact with nature.

Our proposal is to develop and disseminate adaptive surfing, fighting for preservation and improvements in the accessibility of beaches. We believe that surf can be an excellent tool in the social, cultural and environmental issues because it is a healthy sport, democratic, and with full interaction with nature.

According to the physiotherapist Luiz Phelipe Nobre, the tent on the beach received dozens of people a day. "The salt water relaxes the body, and the waves stimulate the balance. The feeling of freedom, independence and resilience are evident."

- Luana Fransolino Monteiro Nobre

Adapt Surf
Olympic Torch

Mrs. Luana Nobre from Adapt Surf - Brazil was in the 

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