On April 12, 2016, our OLM students from 8th through 11th grades received a life-changing proposal: they were invited to participate in a real scientific expedition in South Africa for two weeks during their vacation of July 2017.


Ms. Nayara Hachich, the regional manager of the Operation Wallacea in Brazil, presented the ongoing research projects in both savanna and marine habitats, and laboratories as well as other activities our students would be developing along academics, undergraduates and other high school students from all over the world. A unique experience where our students will enrich their interpersonal, cognitive and professional skills.


A total of 34 interested students remained after the meeting to discuss about details and ask for further information. OLM is heading to South Africa!!!! Join us...

Dr. Carla Mendes

MS Science Teacher

The meeting with OLM students last Tuesday was very impressive. First of all because of the respect and discipline of the 100+ students who carefully listened to the whole presentation, without crosstalkings. More than that, at the end of the presentation, when we asked those interested in participating in the scientific expedition to stay for the questions session, about 34 students remained in the auditorium. This is very inspirational to the Operation Wallacea team, to know that so many teenagers are interested not only in learning and doing Science but also getting involved and volunteering in projects like the one of Opwall, committed to environmental and social causes.


As a last comment on this experience with OLM, an additional point that called my attention was the proximity between students and their teachers and coordinators, and the kind and motivational way that these professionals deal with their students. 


This is for sure one of the reasons that make them such special students.


Nayara Hachich

Dr. Carla Mendes-Ms. Nayara Hachich